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Maplewood is a senior living apartment building with over 150 apartments. Our building offers a social environment to those who are looking to live independently while having the amenities of a convenience store, library, mail room, dart room and more all under one roof.


Our one bedroom units offer, a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, storage room and large porch closet

Our two bedroom units offer, a kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom, storage room and large porch closet

What They Say

Ruby Whelan

A tenant since June, 2012

"I consider Maplewood very clean and welcoming building.......I could go on and on."

Faith Stagg

A tenant since September, 1992

"I've been here 26 years and find it a very friendly building."

Judy Yetman

A tenant since May, 2004

"Comfortable and friendly."

Frances Barnes

A tenant since March, 2011

"Not going to get any better than Maplewood. Very clean."

Dorothy Downer

A tenant since January, 1987

"Would not live anywhere else. This has been my home for 30 years."

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